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Fiestaware also commonly known as Fiesta is ceramic dinnerware glazed in solid colors manufacturedby the Homer Laughlin China Company USA since 1936 Fiesta dinnerware became something     of a status symbol for late 1930s and pre-war 1940s middle-class households. Today, vintage Fiesta trades on auction websites and fiestaware outlet store at very high price and is the most collectable commodity in USA. Fiesta is open stock dinnerware which allows buyers to select by the piece, rather than requiring the purchase of entire sets, thereby allowing buyers to mix and match from the fiestaware colors, according to their personal preference and needs. Initially Fiesta dinnerware and fiesta tableware comprised of 37 different pieces and At its most numerous, the Fiesta line comprised approximately 64 different dinnerware items ,in 2009, a new line of Fiesta dinnerware ,square fiestaware was introduced which is available as fiesta Dinnerplates ,fiestaware Luncheon and Salad Plates, 19 oz. fiestaware Bowl and Mug, 4-pc fiestaware place settings as well as a full FIESTA line of accessories.


Fiestaware Color History – Timeline

Fiesta initially was produced in 1936 in five colors

Fiestaware Red, Fiestaware Blue (cobalt),Fiestaware Green, Fiestaware Yellow, and Fiestaware Ivory.,in 1950 original were discontinued and replaced by Fiestaware Rose , Fiestaware Gray, Fiestaware Forest (dark green), and Fiestaware Chartreuse (yellowish green).Two existing glaze colors, Fiestaware Yellow and Fiestaware Turquoise, continued in production.

In 1986, Laughlin offered five colors: Fiestaware Rose(1986-2005),Fiestaware Black (1986-),Fiestaware Cobalt (1986-),Fiestaware White (1986-),Fiestaware Apricot (pale pinkish tan) (1986-1998).The glaze texture on this new Fiesta is very smooth, hard and much shinier than the original.

In 2009, a new line of square Fiesta dinnerware was introduced. Square fiestaware is available as Dinner, Luncheon and Salad Plates, 19 oz. Bowl and Mug, 4-pc place settings as well as a full FIESTA line of accessories. But pieces maintain a strong relationship to the company’s established ‘round’ deco offering; coupe shape and height remain the same, along with the brand’s signature concentric rings.

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